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Welcome to Forward Websites - maybe you already have a website, but you would like it to appear higher in the search engine results? The changing algorithms of Google and Bing can be difficult for anyone who isn't familiar with Search Engine Optimisation, (or if you're an American, it will be Search Engine Optimization!) Perhaps you have a website where you want quick edits to be made to it?

Because we have been helping website owners since 2001, we have complete knowledge, skills and experience of everything to help you.

Search Engine Experts - Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - Website Hosting

We can help you with starting up a new website, maintaining your current website, hosting your website or help you to gain more profits from your website appearing higher in the search engines and no, we don't have a 'flashy' website, with lots of pages and lots of 'fluff', we just let you know on one page, that we can definitely help you! After all, isn't that what you really want?

Website hosting

Website hosting can be expensive, but, it doesn't need to be, to see how you could have fast, reliable website hosting at a reasonable price, just email your enquiry to:


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Why is SEO so important? Simply put, if you haven't optimised your website completely for SEO, there's a very real danger that you are missing out on extra customers and extra revenue. Good SEO from genuine experts can help your website to reach higher in the search engine results, which then means more people see your website - for example, when you last searched for something on Google or Bing, did you really look past the top five results? Exactly!

However, there's a lot to learn about how to get higher in the search engine results, there's meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, meta data, meta descriptions, URL , SEO titles, page titles, heading titles, anchor text, hyperlinks, backlinks, links, internal links, external links, link juice, good links, bad links, relevant links, site architecture / structure, keywords, primary keywords, target keywords, secondary keywords, long tail keywords, related keywords, keyword research, keyword density, keyword difficulty, keyword tools, search phrases and on and on it goes. Then there's off page SEO, and content writing and content optimisation, ranking factors, relevance, usefulness, domain authority, page authority, pagerank, latent semantic indexing (LSI), user intent, UX - user experience, E - A - T = expertise, authority, trust and what is meant by that, quality rater guidelines etc.

Search Engine Experts - Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - Website Hosting

So, for example, a low ranking website on page 2 or 3 of the search engine results is going to need a 30% increase in CTR (Clickthrough rate) to go up 1 page. That's a huge increase in traffic and a lot easier said than done. But let's assume it's easily done, the page that is getting all this traffic needs to be good and properly optimised for that particular keyword otherwise users will click on and bounce off again resulting in a high bounce rate.

Just as Google may interpret a high volume of traffic as a sign of quality and give a page / site a ranking boost, they are just as likely if not more so to interpret a high bounce rate as a lack of quality. They look at bounce rate to assess whether a page / site satisfies users need. If people click on and bounce straight off again search engines may see that as it not being up to scratch - that may well lead to a drop in your website ranking. If a page appears not to give users what they want it will keep dropping down!!

Verified search engine experts - we are proven experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and as statistics show, that when people look for a product or service, they look on a search engine, and very rarely go beyond the first page. Try it now, go to your favourite search engine, type in key words that you hope people would find your website for. How high is your website on the search engine results for your search words?

Want to get your website higher in Google and Bing? Want to see real life examples of what search engine work we've completed recently?

Since 2001, we have built up a base of many happy owners of websites, but don't just take our word for it.

Try searching on Google or Bing for the phrase "Horsham Directory" how high in those results is and out of how many millions?

Go to any search engine and key in the words Torrevieja - how high is in those results? Out of how many million?

Try searching on Google or Bing for the phrase "Handyman in Horsham" how high in those results is and out of how many millions?

Search for the words Your Sleep Better Store - how high is in those results?

When you search for any of these following search phrases, "Expat living on the Costa Blanca in Spain" or "Life coaching on the Costa Blanca in Spain" or "Counselling and healing on the Costa Blanca in Spain" how high is

Try searching on Google or Bing for the phrase "Pest control in Buckinghamshire" how high in those results is and out of how many millions?

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